Walking Tours

Guided Tours

From time to time Historic Takoma offers guided walking tours of Takoma Park neighborhoods. When these occur they will be announced in the Events section on the Home Page. Unfortunately no tours will be offered during COVID-19 restrictions. In the meantime take advantage of the Self-guided tours below.

Self-Guided Tours

  • Carroll Avenue – Takoma’s “Main Street”; January 2021
  • Walking the Dinky Line, a tour given by Clair Garman and Larry Hodes in 2000 (note there are two documents for this tour – the walking tour script and a brochure with pictures of various sites on the tour)
  • Historic Takoma Walking Tour No. 1 – Forty years ago Historic Takoma created Walking Tour #1 to explore the then-current streetscape. Many sites and descriptions remain unchanged, while others call up memories of a time past.
Walking Tour of Carroll Avenue, February 2021

Dinky Line Walking Tour, 2000 (pictures)
Dinky Line Walking Tour, 2000 (script).

Historic Takoma Walking Tour #1

Got a Tour Idea?

We’d like to add more self-guided Walking Tours. What would you like to see? Please send your ideas and suggestions to info@historictakoma.org.