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City Supports “Stories from Takoma Park’s African-American Community”

We are pleased to announce that the City of Takoma Park has awarded us $10,000 as a second round of funding for our African American Oral History project. Historic Takoma launched this initiative in 2019 aimed at collecting the stories of African-American families who settled in Takoma Park beginning in the 1920s and ‘30s. Through subsequent decades, they forged their own cohesive community in the midst of racial and economic discrimination. Our team that came together for this effort — which includes an oral historian, a documentary filmmaker, and community members with their own knowledge and skills — has focused on conducting oral histories with older residents (current and former) who grew up in Takoma Park.

Luckily, eleven interviews with older African-American residents were already videotaped before Covid-19 closed down our world. The project team has continued work, researching City Council minutes for issues concerning the Black community, reviewing interview transcripts, and preparing to conduct additional interviews by Zoom.

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