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Reproduction & Publication

Reproduction and Publication 

Historic Takoma permits reproduction and publication of collection materials in books, newspapers, advertisements, exhibitions, microform publications, web sites, and other formats under the following conditions.

  1. The user assumes all responsibility for compliance with copyright requirements. Historic Takoma does not claim to control copyright on collection originals unless such copyright has been transferred to Historic Takoma, but does hold copyright to images and documents created by Historic Takoma. 
  2. Published reproductions are permitted only from copies supplied by Historic Takoma, except under circumstances approved by Historic Takoma. 
  3. The user gives appropriate credit to Historic Takoma as owner of the item. 
  4. The item is used in a manner that respects its physical and intellectual integrity. 
  5. Permission is granted for one-time use only, after a request is approved.
  6. Exclusive rights for use are not granted. 
  7. Historic Takoma does not surrender its rights as owner of the item by granting permission for reproduction.

Fees for reproduction of images may apply.

Further information about citing materials, permission, and fees and use of can be found at Citations, Permission, and Fees

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