Historic Takoma Archives


The Historic Takoma Archives identify, collect and preserve archival materials, created in, or directly concerning activities within the geographical area known as Takoma Park, Maryland, and Takoma Park, DC. The Historic Takoma Archives support the mission of Historic Takoma to preserve and protect the history of the Takoma community; to educate and inform the public about the history of Takoma Park; to support activities and policies that preserve, protect, enhance, and interpret the physical environment of Takoma Park; and to support broader historical research and understanding. Historic Takoma also acquires various items and objects that help further the mission of education through displays and exhibits. Those items are not part of the Historic Takoma Archives and are managed separately.

The Collections

The Archives Collection РThese collections encompass other items that are directly related to the history and culture of Takoma Park, Maryland, and Takoma Park, DC, including documents, photographs, maps, multimedia materials, and objects  (buttons, banners, ceramics, plaques, clothing, signs, furniture, and other items). These are cataloged in our PastPerfect catalog which can be searched onsite at Historic Takoma (coming soon!!). Please visit the Reading Room or make a research appointment to use the catalog. An online version of the catalog will soon be available.

The Reference Collection consists of published materials such as books, magazines, journals, academic papers, reports, studies, and maps,  subject files, and other secondary materials that provide context and explanation of the history and culture of Takoma Park, Maryland, and Takoma Park, DC.

Access and Use of the Collections

Historic Takoma encourages wide access to its collections through reference and finding aids, indexes and other tools, exhibition, reproduction,  and publication, including online access [coming soon!]. All materials are non-circulating. Access may be restricted because of resource limitations, care requirements, confidentiality, or other considerations such as copyright. Fees for use of images and other items may apply.

Additional Information About the Archives

Information and inquiries: archives@historictakoma.org